Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Office of Motor Vehicle Hearings


IN RE:  Hurricane Florence

On September 10, 2018, the Governor of South Carolina, pursuant to Executive Order 2018-29, directed the closure of State, County and Municipal Government Offices in twenty-six counties in South Carolina until further notice. This action was taken to facilitate the planned evacuations necessary due to Hurricane Florence.  The Office of Motor Vehicle Hearings (OMVH) complied with this closure.

 Consistent with prior practice of the ALC and OMVH, the days of September 11, 2018 through September 21, 2018 will be treated as “holidays” for the purposes of computing time under Rule 3(A) of the Rules of Procedure for the OMVH.

 Any further questions regarding timeframes for filing in matters pending before the OMVH should be directed to the scheduler for the presiding hearing officer.


The Office of Motor Vehicle Hearings (OMVH) was created in 2005 and is an office within the South Carolina Administrative Law Court. There are five hearing officers who conduct hearings in accordance with Chapter 23 of Title 1, the Administrative Procedures Act, and the rules of procedure for the OMVH.

The OMVH provides a neutral forum for fair, prompt, and objective hearings for persons affected by an action or proposed action of the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles, ensuring due process and respecting the dignity of all.

The Chief Judge of the Administrative Law Court is responsible for the administration of the OMVH, the assignment of cases, and the administrative duties and responsibilities of the hearings officers and staff.

Proposed Rules Amendment

The Office of Motor Vehicle Hearings has submitted a proposed amendment to Rule 4(C) to the General Assembly, pursuant to S.C. Code Ann. §1-23-660(A).  This proposed amendment is non-substantive and conforms the rule to current practice.  To view the text of the proposed amendment, click here.


Please be advised that Act No. 212 of the 2012 General Assembly changed the filing fee from $150 to $200, effective June 7, 2012. On September 10, 2012, the Office of Motor Vehicle Hearings began enforcing the filing fee increase. Cases will not be processed until the $200 fee is received.

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